ELS & ILSC English Level Equivalencies

ELS & ILSC offers a wide range of courses at 10-12 progressive language levels.


ILSC Language Schools offers a wide range of classes at 10 progressive language levels: from Beginner 1 (B1) to Advanced 2 (A2). At the advanced levels, ILSC also offer two Mastery level classes, Mastery 1 (M1) and Mastery 2 (M2), which are designed for University Pathway students who choose particular program pathways.

ELS offers classes at 12 progressive language levels for students from Beginner (Levels 101/102/103), through Intermediate (Levels 104/105/106), to Advanced (Levels 107/108/109) and Masters (Levels 110/111/112).

Together, ELS and ILSC offer students the opportunity to access conditional admission to over 700 partner colleges, TAFEs and universities in the US, Canada and Australia, with entry upon completion of English language studies. ELS students must complete level 109 or 112 (depending on the requirement of the partner school). ILSC students must take the University Pathway program and complete level B4-A2/M2 depending on the requirement of the partner school.